Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OOOH! I love that masked man! My Fixation with Masked, or Disfigured Men

When I was a little girl, all the little boys wanted to be Speed Racer. Me.... I wanted to marry Racer X.

I mean really... a brave man who saves the day...is tall and mysterious...what could be better?

My fascination with the idea of the masked or disfigured man was continued when I started reading the comic strip Brenda Starr. Basil St. John always showed at the right time to save Brenda.

As Vincent Parry in Dark Passage Bogart spends a good part of the movie with his face covered in bandages. He has his face altered so he can find who really killed his wife.

Henri de toulouse lautrec... well, he was talented, disabled a
nd successful. What could be better?
I know from experience that being physically different makes me stronger and more unique. I can ....with effort survive just about anything. I like my fantasy and real men to be strong, brave survivors.
I guess I grew up to see the different and the mysterious to be the spice of life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fear and Loathing of Clowns Revisited

Here's another little gem proving the innate evilness of clowns. This nice little 2 minute French film called Happy Meal is quite horror fest. For me anyway....I'm a baby. See my post about my watching Dead Silence for 4.5 minutes.

It has a better end than the miniseries It anyway....ooh it's a big telepathic spider. That's scarier than Pennywise?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Limited Edition Water Dragon Works in Progress Part 1

In my soft sculpture Pet Shop of the Old Ones magic animals line, I have a water dragon named Siku.

I've been thinking that making hybrid soft and hard sculpt figures in limited editions could lower the cost of some of my pieces. I'm hoping that this will make them more appealing to more customers.

I haven't done much clay sculpture in the past few years so this piece has been a challenge. The head, wings and torso will be cast in resin and hand painted. I plan on inserting an armature in the bottom of the torso and using batting and fabric embellished with beads to create the tail.

I'm looking forward to combining paint, fabric and beads to create these new pieces.

I'm working with an oil based clay called Chevant. It's used in the special effects industry, car and industrial design. It comes in several hardnesses and holds textures and details beautifully. It also smells and feels unpleasant if you love real clay or wax like I do. But I'm getting used to it... I think it might grow on me eventually.

I'm thinking of doing these animals in small editions of 12 to 25 at the most. I was also thinking it might be a fun kit sort of project too.