Saturday, December 5, 2009


While I'm terrified of water, I do really love to watch documentaries about undersea life. Sea horses, sea dragons and octopi are my favorite sea creatures.

I like to design my mermaids to be more sea horse women than fish women. Sea horses are more dainty. Most of my mermaids are more animal than human. I find this type of figure more of challenge.

I did create one amphibian female once. But the mermaid like creature that amused me the most was the fish demon from the South Seas that attacks fishermen by flinging fish at them.

My love of old monster movies crops up in my work too. A giant starfish monster capturing a mermaid is one of my favorite pieces.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adding new things

Okay, I've been busy creating armatures so in the next few days you're going to see some cthulhu
babies, some hex cats, a couple of Chihuahuas and a crawling eye or 2.

If you want a special custom item, you'd better hit my shop this week or I'll never get it done and shipped for the holiday.

I'm really pleased with Bitsy thulu. I like her little silk flowers. I'm working on a baby Nyarlathotep too. Stop on by to see the new magic animals and cthulhu monsters I'll be adding. See you on the "Dark" Side... :)

Happy Solstice! Christmas....etc ! Be happy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adding More New Items

MJ and I designed illustrations to for my Pet shop of the old ones stories last yr.

This yr I'm using the illustrations to create cross stitch patterns. The first offering will be the illustration of the little fluttercat Cinnamon.

I will be adding these patterns soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday the 14th

Saturday the 14th... After my post yesterday about ventriloquist dummies and clowns, I thought I'd be a big brave girl and watch this killer ventriloquist dummy movie Mike brought home called Dead Silence.

I made it through the credits... I met the 2 main characters. The dummy got delivered by an unknown person... The girl plays with it and mentions the evil doll maker. She puts the dummy down and it's mouth drops open on it's own.

I get up and put on a Hogan's Heroes Dvd. I lasted all of 4 and a half minutes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th is Scary?

Okay, it's another Friday the 13th...

Sorry, this is not something that scares me. The number 13 has always boded well for me.

The things that always scared me were people and things that seemed false or pretended to be human like clowns or ventriloquist dummies or even mannequins.

Take clowns for example... did you know that during the middle ages traveling acting troupes used performers in white face and motley clothing as the devil figure in the religious cycle plays? The characters pretended to be sweet and kind but had an evil agenda.

Fear of the pseudo human like a ventriloquist dummy... hmmm maybe that can be traced to stories of wizards giving life to dolls and such that will do their masters' evil bidding. I remember movies like the Devil Doll really scaring the daylights out of me. In that movie, an evil magician trapped his victim's consciousness in a ventriloquist dummy.

Movies and shows that portray clowns and dummies as the frightful things I believe them to be don't bother me too much. I think that's because the clowns and dummies aren't pretending to be nice. Check out Killer Clowns From Outer Space
or the Canadian tv series Puppets Who Kill I always knew clowns could suck the essence out of you with crazy straws and that puppets had homicidal issues.

The number 13 will never be something I fear when there are clowns and pseudo human dolls with evil agendas just waiting to do something terrible....


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pre-Holiday Sale

I just wanted to show some of the fun things in my shop that will be on sale until the 18th. Everything in the shop is 30% off.

I have cthulhu monsters, beaded jewelry, plush cats, wrist cuffs....all kinds of fun things.

Oh, and if you want a custom piece, best contact me now so I can get it finished in time for the holidays.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner-Using the Eight-fold Path to Guide your Business -Right Effort

To put Buddhist teachings into practice, a special type of gradual effort is needed.
It is much too difficult to put all Buddhist principles into practice perfectly at once. People who try to do this will probably give up in days.
Instead, you need to make small improvements, one at a time. Then, once an improvement has become a habit, adding another improvement till you are living more and more of the Buddhist life by habit.

For instance, an improvement might be to remember to do a kind deed every day. To keep this up till it becomes a habit is enough to keep anyone busy.

So right effort is about making improvements gradually but then keeping them up forever. It is about making improvements at a pace which is easy enough for you to keep up. It is like a long-distance runner, who deliberately runs at a slow pace which it is possible to keep up for miles. It is the opposite of a sprinter, who can run very fast during a short race but cannot keep this up for longer.

Right effort also means paying equal attention both to doing more good, kind things and to doing fewer harmful things.

Right effort can also involve praising yourself and rewarding yourself for progress in following Buddhist teachings.

Make yourself a list of things you want to improve about your business. Here are a few things you might be thinking about as you grow your business.

Are you concerned about the origin of your supplies? Are your customer service skills up to snuff? Do you manage your time well enough so that your family doesn't feel neglected? Do you want to be a "green" business?

Set realistic goals for yourself. Take your time and change your business plan gradually. If you're worried about the supplies you're using, research more cost effective suppliers whose business practices are in line with your personal beliefs.

If the family is feeling neglected, set up special family times or if they want to, involve them in simple tasks that will help you with your business or household tasks.

Make gradual changes in what you do and you will find it much easier to run a more people and environmentally friendly business.

The lovely piece A Sense of Zen can be found in the Etsy shop Hey Harriet

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Binding Your Demons-- Bound Fantasies Part 2

Hummm.... What to say about this beauty? In my previous posting about Red Roses and the Ram Goddess, I wrote about finding tying or chaining up figures very freeing.

It was like the more they were bound the better I felt. Well, My Golden Demon here seems to have served the same purpose.

I'm very pleased with how she turned out. I like the contrasts of the different textures of cloth I used. But using silk for her skin, even though it looks good, was a huge time consuming nuisance. The delicate fabric didn't like being cut and sewn on the bias.

I never thought I'd get the pieces of fabric to lay flat enough to be sewn down properly.

After the silk torso fiasco, sandwiching red sheer between 2 pieces of netting and sewing the pieces to the wire wing frames seemed so much simpler than it usually does.

I think my favorite parts of this piece were picking out the fabrics for her dress, sorting the floss for her hair, and choosing the chains. Arranging the chains just so was almost like putting jewelry on her....which is odd in a way.

I love these pieces when I'm done with them and don't really try to analyze them too much. I think that ought to be up the viewer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marvelous Wearable Monsters

I love old monster movies. One of my favorites is The Crawling Eye. When my husband came home from his special effects shop with a bag of random resin eyes, I just had to start creating Crawling eye figures.

I went from the dolls to making wearable pieces. I mean really... who wouldn't want a beaded representation of alien monsters who pop the heads off unsuspecting

I have dolls, barrettes and pendants in stock at the moment as well as resin eyes if you'd like to make a monster of your own.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bound Fantasies Part 1

One of my on-line groups had this challenge yrs ago. It was about sexual and emotional fears and fantasies. Everyone made a different shrine and we swapped them.

I got the word bound in my swap letter. I was very unsure about trying something like bondage... but, hey try anything new if you think it might create challenging art.

Red Roses for a Blue Lady was one of the pieces I made. Considering the female is bound by roses the symbology is rather obvious. It was an interesting piece to make. I started to find creating bound figures very freeing.

I then went to trying bound figures in 3 dimensions. My Ram Goddess was a piece I was especially proud of 5 yrs ago. I like to think my sculpting skills and my photography skills have improved. Geez...

For some reason binding up these little figures opened me up to creating more interesting work. I now enjoy trying to create all kinds of unusual figures.

Well, I was in the mood to try another bound piece and thought I'd try out the figure of bound female demon that's been sitting in my head for ages.

Oh, no pictures? Well, Part 2 is tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2009

So, What do you think?

So, I usually make these very elaborate beaded eye jewelry pieces that are large collars or cuffs. Which of course makes them pretty expensive.

What do you think of these smaller pendant versions? They take less time, but have the heavy beading I like.

Any comments would be welcome.... Thanks

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reintroducing Products....Resin Eyes

I was going through my stash the other day and found several single eyes that I want to offer for sale.

I know you might be thinking...."What can I do with a single eye?" Well a focal piece for a necklace, collar, cuff or a cyclops type figure might all be good choices. It's what I do with them.

I listed one of the 2 types of orange eyes I have this afternoon. I have a grey green and a peach eye as well that I plan to list. Stop by my etsy shop and try out a new and unusual supply.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner- Using the Eight-Fold Path to Guide your Business- Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood

This means a way of earning money and a lifestyle which does not harm other beings and, preferably, benefits them.

Buddhism teaches that the following ways of earning money are wrong.

Anything to do with making
  • weapons and warfare.
  • Any business which exploits its workers or controls them like slaves.
  • Any business which produces poisons or pollutes the environment.
  • Trade in meat, fish or the killing of living creatures.
  • Trade in alcohol or addictive drugs.
  • Any job which involves telling lies or deceiving customers or misleading advertising or high-pressure salesmanship.

Buddhism teaches that you should do what you can to reduce the harm you do to the environment and the natural world.

Buddhism also teaches that you shouldn’t seek lots of expensive things which you don’t really need. The latter can lead to you wasting your life working for these possessions or looking after them or running up debts which then mess up your life.


There's not much I can say to augment this section....

Greed, lying and carelessness are not Buddhist virtues and should not be part of a good Buddhist business plan.

This sweet felted Buddha comes from the Etsy shop The Drying Rack.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner- Using the Eight Fold Path to Guide Your Business- Right Action

Right Action

  • Buddhism teaches to try hard to avoid killing any living creatures, including insects. While you cannot always succeed in this, you should show consideration for living creatures whenever possible. You should let wasps out of windows, for instance, rather than killing them. If you see a line of ants across a path, you should take the trouble to step over them. Buddhism is against all killing for sport, like hunting.
  • You should not take from anyone else anything which they do not want to give you. This means much more than not stealing. It also means that you don’t pressure or trick people to give you things or do you favors which you know they don’t really want to give.
  • Buddhism teaches that when men and women have close relationships, like marriage, this should be with only one partner at a time. Only if they have ended a relationship, should a person seek another partner - not at the same time.
  • Another Buddhist teaching is not to get drunk on alcohol or other drugs. One reason is that, once drunk, people much more easily get angry or speak hurtfully to other people or do other harmful or destructive things.


How you conduct your business will effect how successful you are.

Now I realize many people run a business and don't care how they make their profits. These business owners do make a lovely profit even though they treat people and the environment badly. But I'm hoping if your reading this you want to be an ethical business owner and that you realize that you eventually pay for the harm you do in this life.

1. Be honest about what supplies you're actually using, and how much you are actually spending on them. Perhaps using recycled, cruelty free supplies should be an ultimate goal for you as a Buddhist. But, each of you need to use your own judgement as to what you feel is right.

2. Treat your customers fairly. Make sure you cover your costs of supplies, time etc, but don't overcharge or delay in shipping something out. If you dislike doing custom orders, just say so, don't lead the client on and waste your time and theirs. Don't renege on your stated shop policies.

3. Advertise your wares honestly. Do not downgrade others work to boost your own sales. You end up looking petty and dishonest.

4. Run your business honestly. Cheating or abusing your suppliers, customers and employees may make you extra profits or make you feel powerful, but eventually you will pay for the harm you cause.

What other ideas do YOU have about running a business in an ethical fashion?
This stunning digital collage can be found in Ancientartizen's etsy shop.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner-Using the Eight-Fold Path to Guide Your Business- Right Speech

Right Speech

  • Buddhism teaches you to train yourself to be truthful.
  • Likewise to train yourself not to speak to anyone in a wounding, hurtful way. Sometimes people can be hurt very deeply by things which other people say to them – sometimes more than by physical blows. Whilst you should always speak the truth, Buddhism teaches that you should think up ways of doing this which are not hurtful.
  • Also, it’s important never say things to people in order to stir up anger or suspicion against someone else or to break up someone else’s friendship.
  • When you’ve nothing to say, it’s fine to be silent. It is not helpful to fill up other people’s minds with pointless chatter.
The first principle of ethical conduct - What you say and how you say it is going to effect your business....period.

1. Who are you selling to? The answer to this question will give you the idea about the vocabulary is appropriate. Gear your speech to the situation.

2.Learn to critique an employee or customer situation in a positive way. For every fault or problem you need to correct find one positive trait that can be complimented. Never correct employees in a public setting or in a demeaning manner.

3.Refrain from gossiping about other workers or customers.

4. Do not disparage the work or skills of other sellers. You will only look ill mannered for hurling insults.

A true follower of Buddha speaks truthfully, but in a warm and gentle fashion....and only when really necessary.

This bold black and white photo can be found in the Etsy Shop Bomobob.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner- Using the Eight-Fold Path to Guide your Business- Right Motivation

Right Motivation

Naturally many people first get interested in Buddhism because they are seeking peace and happiness for themselves.

But Buddhism teaches that, to obtain long-lasting peace and happiness for yourself, you need to help the people around you to obtain peace and happiness too. One reason is that we all affect each other so much. Other people’s troubles can soon become your troubles.

If you are to truly follow Buddhism, your motivation needs gradually to change. You need to become less interested in how Buddhism can make you happier and more interested in to how Buddhism can enable you to make other people happier.

It takes time to develop this more unselfish motivation and it’s only natural that many people don’t have it at the beginning. Buddhism teaches methods for encouraging yourself to want to benefit other people.


DO You Have the WILL to Change?

1. Free yourself from those traits that you know are wrong or not ethical. You should be free from ill will and harmless in your intent.

2. What is your intention when you plan to do something in your life or create something for your business.
What kind of materials do you use in your work? Are they recyclables or made yourself or bought from local businesses, or supplies made by the gross in over seas sweat shops? Trying to be aware of what kind of products you're using as supplies in your work shows your motivation.

3. How do you deal with your customers and other sellers can also show your motivation.
Are your prices covering your expenses and supplies etc fairly? Do you create custom pieces and do you ship in a timely manner? Are you concerned with your own work and doing your best or are you bad mouthing or underselling your competition to gain sales?

Commit yourself to the path of good will and harmlessness to others and you will be on you way to being a good business owner.

How do you show right motivation in your business?

The Beautiful Blue Eyed Buddha photo is from the Etsy shop A World Named Alex.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner-Using the Eight-Fold Path to Guide Your Business: The Right Understanding

Right Understanding

I was looking for some basic info on Buddhism to explain my way of thinking to an on-line friend of mine. While this statement below that I found explains the first path - right understanding to me, I'd like to add some concrete ideas and maybe some anecdotes from my own or your experience.

Please feel free to use the comments section or if you'd like to write a post on any of these 8 topics, let me know.

Right Understanding

This means finding out about all the basic Buddhist teachings and then checking with your own experience to see whether each teaching makes sense. Buddhism says that for real understanding you need to see for yourself that Buddhist teachings are true.

So one part of Right Understanding is finding out about all the basic ideas in Buddhism.

The other part is testing them in your everyday life to see for yourself if they make sense. You should not just try to believe what you are told.

Elsewhere in the Noble Eightfold Path, in Right Speech and Right Action, you will see guidelines for behavior like avoiding telling lies and avoiding killing insects. This is not to please any god, since there are no gods in Buddhism. Right Understanding means that you try out following these guidelines and see how they affect you and other people. Only then can you truly understand why they matter.


I see this as going to source material and learning about how Buddha defined suffering and how to deal with it positively.

A Buddhist sees suffering as life in general really....being born, growing old, being unhappy, grieving, being in any kind of pain or despair. It can also mean not succeeding in getting what you want in life.

Want creates suffering and the ending of want ends a person's suffering.

Things to consider that will help you in right understanding .....

1. Karma-- Every action, whether it be wholesome or unwholesome will have a positive or negative effect on your world.

2. Your time in this body is temporary...everything comes to an end eventually.

Wrong understanding rises from ignorance, wrong intentions, speech, actions, employment, effort, mindfulness and wrong concentration.

Right understanding rises from a mind that is not rigid, but one that is creative and open to new ideas.


Now what does this little post have to do with running a business? Well, you tell me.


Note: This photo of this beautiful Buddha is from the Etsy shop Buddhabuilder.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cthulhu HP Lovecraft and Traveling

The atmosphere of Lovecraft's stories always managed to scare me as much as the monsters themselves. When I was looking for information on the areas of New England he was writing about I found this site Cthulhu Files the most information on the stories, the characters and the areas in the stories.

There's a site that shows you a map of a walking tour of College Hill with all pertinent Lovecraftian places of interest.

Donovan Loucks travelogue is very interesting.

Joseph Morales travelogue is my fave.

When I started this series of figures, I found this site to be a very valuable source of information. In fact if you search through the different articles, you could even plan a nice tour of Innsmouth or many of the other towns mentioned in the stories.
I definitely need to design a new monster....I'm thinking Shub-Niggurath or a Shantak Bird and maybe a vacation back East.