Thursday, October 29, 2009

Binding Your Demons-- Bound Fantasies Part 2

Hummm.... What to say about this beauty? In my previous posting about Red Roses and the Ram Goddess, I wrote about finding tying or chaining up figures very freeing.

It was like the more they were bound the better I felt. Well, My Golden Demon here seems to have served the same purpose.

I'm very pleased with how she turned out. I like the contrasts of the different textures of cloth I used. But using silk for her skin, even though it looks good, was a huge time consuming nuisance. The delicate fabric didn't like being cut and sewn on the bias.

I never thought I'd get the pieces of fabric to lay flat enough to be sewn down properly.

After the silk torso fiasco, sandwiching red sheer between 2 pieces of netting and sewing the pieces to the wire wing frames seemed so much simpler than it usually does.

I think my favorite parts of this piece were picking out the fabrics for her dress, sorting the floss for her hair, and choosing the chains. Arranging the chains just so was almost like putting jewelry on her....which is odd in a way.

I love these pieces when I'm done with them and don't really try to analyze them too much. I think that ought to be up the viewer.


Ren said...

This doll totally rocks.

Cynjon said...

I don't think I ever saw this one before! She has great "motion" to her.

Laura Bartlett said...

Thanks. Yep, I finished her a couple of days ago.