Monday, November 24, 2008

Bringing Back an Original Design for the Holidays

I know I disappointed some people when I changed my HexCat design. So I decided to bring back the original little fuzzy cats that
started my business.
Shadow and her
friends will start
showing up in my etsy shop this week.

I'm working on a pair little kid cthulhu monsters for this week too. I'm hoping to keep adding more unusual creatures for you to give as gifts or to buy for yourself.

If you want something custom'd best contact me now. I sew everything by hand and need time to finish and mail the creature!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

PlayTime Cthulhu Figures

Cthulhu and the other elder-gods like Yuggoth from the H.P. Lovecraft stories are pretty darn creepy. Lovecraft creates an atmosphere of impending doom in his stories that unnerve me every time I read them.
I also use the idea of battling a similar gods in my own stories that involve the Pet Shop of the Old Ones characters- Chat Noir and the Cadre of Conjurers, who trying to stop the evil sorcerers from the Calamitious Black Arts Guild.

I 'm playing around with designing my versions of the elder-gods that would be creepy cute. I'm thinking my character and the Guild would use them as play therapy tools to help injured Conjurers and Mundanes deal with magickal battle trauma.

As a designer, trying to make these monsters cute is an amusing exercise. Giving them child-like proportions, plush skins and huge eyes, should make them quite appealing. My first try was Nyarlthotep- The Stalker among the Stars. To Yuggoth he was the Bringer of Strange Joy. To me, he looks good in velour and purple plush. I tried out an embroidered eye on this first version.

My next monsters will be Cthulhu Junior and Cthulhu Lulu.


I just finished the first Cthulhu Jr design. I think he turned out great and I'm really pleased with how the combination of plush and vinyl looks. I just got a beautiful turquoise plush that I want to try out on the next cthulhu figure.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleek is the word for my Hex Cat Redesign

I am trying a new combination of textures to create my original essence of catness... HexCats. I like the contrast of the 2 textures and I'm not missing the yarn ruff.

I'm going to have fun playing with this new design, but I will make a few of the originals.

I'm seeing velour and plush, satiny print and faux fur, maybe even vinyl and velour or any combination of these fabrics.

Yes, this will work. As to the ruffs, I really am so over specialty yarn. Faux fur and plush... yes. I think I've made these cats more interesting to work on.

If you have any fiber suggestions for me to try.... please feel free to suggest them. I just might try a vinyl and chains sort of kitty.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Cat That Wouldn't Die!

Have you ever had a design come back to haunt you? When I first started making HexCats, they were little blobby figures like the cats shown here. I was trying to create the essence of eye, ears and fangs.

These cats are cute and the handmade eyes and the poses do give them personality, but my goodness .... they' re not very challenging to make.

This is why I designed the Boogaloo Hexcats. They have faces and
bodies which are more difficult to get right. The personality quotient is higher too.

I mean aren't these more charming?
I think little Lightening here is a real sweetie. Lyla has a great deal of charm and WinterSky looks ready to play.

But, I've had people ask about the first design and I like to keep my customers happy.... so of course I'm going to make more of the original HexCat design . I just have to come up with some little fabric and plush changes to make them unique and interesting. I'm trying out combining plush and velour on the same cat and giving them eyelids.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's that Time of Year!

Since it's November and people are starting to holiday shop in earnest.....I just wanted to help this along by offering free shipping until the 20th of this month in my shop.

From rogue crawling eyes who have snuck off the mother ship and run to the North Pole and become decorators, to

Flaming Chihuahuas, Hex Cats and even ghosts.

I have many unusual items in my shop for the most hard to shop for person on your list.

If you're interested in an unusual piece of jewelry or maybe a wrist cuff, I have a few pieces listed and I am adding more over the next few days.