Friday, February 17, 2012

Going Tiny- Adding to my Cthulhu Mythos Figures Series

I was making figures about 8 inches or larger, but I made this teeny little green guy, Lothor. I think he's so cute. I thought I'd make a Nyarlathotep, or a Stalker Among the Stars.....which is a nice name for a monster who is supposed to make men mad.

But, I found these skull beads and my tiny monsters stood by patiently as I created my decorator Cthulhu Chas. The idea of this giant monster decorating his lair amused me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Design- Ghost Story Dolls

Finding lovely cotton fabric with writing and pressed flowers printed on it got me thinking about making some new ghostly dolls. I added some sheers and some tiny printed toile to the mix to add some different fabric textures.

Shimmering cat's eye beads should make interesting eyes. I've had a bag of these beads forever and have never found just the right doll to use them on. I'm really pleased with how she turned out. I've never made anything so gruesome.

Now I have to come up with the reasons why that even with a cut throat and 2 missing hands my ghost is still smiling in such a beguiling way..... My guess is she's plotting to scare the person who did this to her to death.

In my mind this Lavinia is going to be even more proactive in avenging the crime against her. I remember reading Titus Andronicus years ago and thinking it was too bad she didn't get to kill
Demetrius and Chiron herself.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Cat Design- The Winged Halloween Moon Cat

I found this cute skull fabric and some fabric with little's obvious that they were just screaming to be made into this sweet little flying cat. Add a little vinyl and velour for the wings and ears ..... and Laszlo was born.
With bright green as the accent to the black and white patterned fabrics I made little Tasha.

I really enjoyed really limiting my color palette in this series. I'm working on 2 other black and white patterned with accents of fushia and orange. I'll add pictures soon.
Or check out my etsy shop for new listings starting Sunday.

UPDATE... Here's Lula! I love the fushia with the black and white print fabrics!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If you moved a little closer....

I make dolls, jewelry...etc and I work from I don't get out much. I worked for years as a teacher and then in retail .....or I directed the workings of hell on earth if your prefer.

I'm used to being alone now.... so shopping or being in large groups of unruly people tends to get on my nerves. I was feeling a bit, well ....random when MJ and I were at Sam's Club a few days before Christmas.

I guess I forgot that I was wearing one of my eye pendants and as I was perusing the choices in the candy section because this older chick kept looming at me. She swooped in for the 3rd time and I noted..."You know if you came a little closer I could lick your eyelid." She took off rather quickly. She barreled past MJ...."What was wrong with her? he grumbled. "Probably having a hot flash or something." I replied.

We were picking out a bag of oranges, when some SC chick announced that everyone present was going to receive a free Christmas gift from "Sam"..... a paring knife.

"What a fucking brilliant thing to hand out to grumpy stressed out holiday shoppers! A sharp knife!" I exclaimed. MJ busted out laughing and just had to get in line for his free holiday pig sticker....which now lives in his lunch box.

I think maybe I need to get out more.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SpaghettiOs and Turkey Noodle Soup- Thanksgiving Out Behind the Local Thrift Store

I worked as a store manager for a local thrift store for 8 yrs. Around this time of year I always worried about the homeless guys and the few women that hung around out back. Most of them did the shelter thing or got help from the VA, so they were relatively looked after.

But there were 2, Eddie and Liz, who hated to be indoors. Both were older folks....Liz got tossed from a hospital in the 80's(thank you for the monetary savings, Mr. Reagan) and Edie had head injuries from his last tour in Nam. Their various advocates ie the VA tried to get them to give up their outdoors only existence, but they'd continue to sneak off . If anything really bad happened I had their advocate's phone numbers.

They tended to be targets of the local teens who thought it was funny to beat them up, burn their sleeping bags and steal what cooking/food supplies they had.

I used to keep a change jar in my office and they became my own personal charity. I'd buy the occasional pot or pan or sleeping bag and stash it in my office. Every few weeks, Eddie or Liz would wobble in all black and blue and I'd go raid my stash.

One November afternoon, the day before Thanksgiving, they both showed up and I went to my office to drag out the pots, sleeping bags and a coat I had just bought. I slipped out the loading dock door and bought them a can each of Spaghettios and Turkey noodle soup with the last of my change.

"Oh look, Eddie!, Liz yelled as she inspected the bag. "We're going to have turkey and Italian for Thanksgiving tomorrow!"

They hugged me and toddled off back to their camp.....happy with their holiday feast.

We should all be so grateful.