Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monkey Business

I've been watching that old tv show Lancelot link and I was inspired to make my own monkeys for my Pet Shop of the Old Ones line. of the Old Ones line.

I had fun designing these monkeys or Mojo Minkeys as I 'm calling them. Minkey is the word I'm using cause I love Inspector Clouseau and he called monkeys "minkeys". I like the way the 2 words sound together.

I made one minkey in the style of my Hex Cats with only one eye, but I'm undecided about whether I like her or not.

I find animals dressed in human clothes creepy, but I liked the variation of famous names
that the Lancelot Link show used for the characters. I gave each minkey a famous name. Elvis,
Albert, and Bette are some of the names I'm choosing.

I found that working with the curly soft plush was messy and difficult, but it looks great when the figure is complete.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Half Doll Design For My Book

I've been working on my first dollmaking book and I just finished the first example of what you could do with a basic half doll design.

I like to use a half doll to make ghosts, fairies, angels, or demons. Actually, anything that floats, flies or is in the process of appearing or

This first piece is a poor unfortunate ghost who loved not too wisely, but too well. She's in her watery grave, but I'm going to write a dark amusing poem about her ruining "His" fishing trips every season. I've always been an Edward Gorey fan and I had a blast writing the last 2 story poems for Poor Sad Mary and Autumn Leaves.

I like the names Maud, Rachel or Edith for this figure. If you'd like to suggest a name feel free.