Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monkey Business

I've been watching that old tv show Lancelot link and I was inspired to make my own monkeys for my Pet Shop of the Old Ones line. of the Old Ones line.

I had fun designing these monkeys or Mojo Minkeys as I 'm calling them. Minkey is the word I'm using cause I love Inspector Clouseau and he called monkeys "minkeys". I like the way the 2 words sound together.

I made one minkey in the style of my Hex Cats with only one eye, but I'm undecided about whether I like her or not.

I find animals dressed in human clothes creepy, but I liked the variation of famous names
that the Lancelot Link show used for the characters. I gave each minkey a famous name. Elvis,
Albert, and Bette are some of the names I'm choosing.

I found that working with the curly soft plush was messy and difficult, but it looks great when the figure is complete.

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Rosebud Collection said...

What cute monkeys..You did a wonderful job and they are truly original..