Saturday, December 5, 2009


While I'm terrified of water, I do really love to watch documentaries about undersea life. Sea horses, sea dragons and octopi are my favorite sea creatures.

I like to design my mermaids to be more sea horse women than fish women. Sea horses are more dainty. Most of my mermaids are more animal than human. I find this type of figure more of challenge.

I did create one amphibian female once. But the mermaid like creature that amused me the most was the fish demon from the South Seas that attacks fishermen by flinging fish at them.

My love of old monster movies crops up in my work too. A giant starfish monster capturing a mermaid is one of my favorite pieces.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adding new things

Okay, I've been busy creating armatures so in the next few days you're going to see some cthulhu
babies, some hex cats, a couple of Chihuahuas and a crawling eye or 2.

If you want a special custom item, you'd better hit my shop this week or I'll never get it done and shipped for the holiday.

I'm really pleased with Bitsy thulu. I like her little silk flowers. I'm working on a baby Nyarlathotep too. Stop on by to see the new magic animals and cthulhu monsters I'll be adding. See you on the "Dark" Side... :)

Happy Solstice! Christmas....etc ! Be happy!