Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleek is the word for my Hex Cat Redesign

I am trying a new combination of textures to create my original essence of catness... HexCats. I like the contrast of the 2 textures and I'm not missing the yarn ruff.

I'm going to have fun playing with this new design, but I will make a few of the originals.

I'm seeing velour and plush, satiny print and faux fur, maybe even vinyl and velour or any combination of these fabrics.

Yes, this will work. As to the ruffs, I really am so over specialty yarn. Faux fur and plush... yes. I think I've made these cats more interesting to work on.

If you have any fiber suggestions for me to try.... please feel free to suggest them. I just might try a vinyl and chains sort of kitty.


Anonymous said...

Liking the contrast in textures!

Laura Bartlett said...

Thank you Cyn! I hope you've been well!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome...and doing good on this end. Enjoying a bit of vacation "just for moi" time!