Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Buddhist Business Owner- Using the Eight-Fold Path to Guide your Business- Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood

This means a way of earning money and a lifestyle which does not harm other beings and, preferably, benefits them.

Buddhism teaches that the following ways of earning money are wrong.

Anything to do with making
  • weapons and warfare.
  • Any business which exploits its workers or controls them like slaves.
  • Any business which produces poisons or pollutes the environment.
  • Trade in meat, fish or the killing of living creatures.
  • Trade in alcohol or addictive drugs.
  • Any job which involves telling lies or deceiving customers or misleading advertising or high-pressure salesmanship.

Buddhism teaches that you should do what you can to reduce the harm you do to the environment and the natural world.

Buddhism also teaches that you shouldn’t seek lots of expensive things which you don’t really need. The latter can lead to you wasting your life working for these possessions or looking after them or running up debts which then mess up your life.



There's not much I can say to augment this section....

Greed, lying and carelessness are not Buddhist virtues and should not be part of a good Buddhist business plan.

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This is true, sweet, and I just love the felted Buddha. I love him so much!