Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cthulhu HP Lovecraft and Traveling

The atmosphere of Lovecraft's stories always managed to scare me as much as the monsters themselves. When I was looking for information on the areas of New England he was writing about I found this site Cthulhu Files the most information on the stories, the characters and the areas in the stories.

There's a site that shows you a map of a walking tour of College Hill with all pertinent Lovecraftian places of interest.

Donovan Loucks travelogue is very interesting.

Joseph Morales travelogue is my fave.

When I started this series of figures, I found this site to be a very valuable source of information. In fact if you search through the different articles, you could even plan a nice tour of Innsmouth or many of the other towns mentioned in the stories.
I definitely need to design a new monster....I'm thinking Shub-Niggurath or a Shantak Bird and maybe a vacation back East.

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It's All In The Blog said...

those monsters are super cool looking
very nice work
its always cool to read about what inspires creators!

Thanks for sharing!