Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Writing a How To Book

In my quest to expand my Chat Noir lines, I'm now venturing into writing. I was an Art Teacher for 5 yrs, so writing and planning lessons was second nature to me.

I'm working on directions for a half doll like "Autumn Leaves", but on a smaller scale. I'm also going to show 3 or 4 variations like sculpted, beaded, or embroidery floss hair or maybe even a headdress.

I hope to be sending out trial booklets to my testers soon.
I only have one problem though, every time I finish a section, I find I need to start a new section to expand on new ideas.

I'm worried I may overwhelm my intended students....that's why I asked for people to test the finished lessons. I'm looking forward to hearing their ideas.

1 comment:

spiralsun65 said...

Good for you! And good luck; the doll is beautiful.