Sunday, May 10, 2009

On being a kitty Mom- Ode to my cat babies

I love my cats.....I really do, but sometimes they do drive me a bit nuts.

I know they're just playing and don't realize they're being destructive.

and other times they're just too cute for words and I love them all over

Even with all the mess they make, my rescued kitties are a great joy to me.


livingglassgirl said...

Your babies are adorable! Even when they are into so much mischief its hard to get upset with them cause its like they've got halos pasted on their little furry heads.

WindandHoney said...

Such cute babies! I bet they love playing your your beads and making a mess.

Laura Bartlett said...

Oh yes, they have little halos and horns depending on the moment.

They like fabric scraps better than beads thank goodness. :)