Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fear and Loathing of the CPSIA in the High Desert

Most doll artists don't realize the horrible thing that is going to happen to them on Feb. 10th. I know some of you are realizing your dolls may be in jeopardy when this new law becomes effective on Feb 10th.

Now, I know this is difficult to understand with all the legalese, but here is the law as it stands . http://www.cpsc.gov/cpsia.pdf

To put it plainly, as I understand it....ANYTHING from toys to clothing to books intended for a person 12 or under will need to pass 3rd party testing for lead and the listed chemicals.

Even fabrics etc that have been certified by their manufacturers lead free will have to be retested after you make said fabric into a doll or dress or whatever.

You may say you'd test willingly but there are only 14 certified labs in the US. , the item
is destroyed during testing and each component will have to be retested when you buy new supplies and each test for each component can be 500.00 or more.

So if you make 1 doll style with 3 types of fabric , 3 colors of thread, 4 colors of embroidery floss, 1 type of interfacing and 3 buttons.... and all this makes 12 dolls every time you buy a new bolt or length of fabric etc it will need to be tested.

At 500.00 a test that's 6500.00 for every dozen dolls you make. So each doll would need to cost 554.00 each just to cover the testing. If you were originally only selling 100 of this design a yr for 40.00 a piece wholesale, you will have to stop making dolls. Goodbye to your dreams of running a business.

You might want to contact your state reps and go vote at change.com. Oh and this includes items at thrift stores etc so forget buying used clothes etc for your kids to help stretch your family budget or buying antique or vintage childrens books etc as special gifts.

I guess all we'll have to choose from when we're buying for kids are " supposedly" tested imports that will cost a fortune
This site Change.com is going to present the top 10 ideas to Obama's staff on Jan. 20th. We are in 9th place now in the running. Here is the link.


Please go sign up and vote NOW and post this everywhere. Don't forget to write your state reps too.


Anonymous said...

While you already know my thoughts on this matter, one thing I was thinking is that if it DOES get passed, we could always fall back on the terminology of "figurative fabric sculpture" or something along those lines.

Obviously not the ideal outcome, but...just thinking about options.

Laura Bartlett said...

Well, this stupid law passed in August....we're now having to fight to get amendments for handmade items etc.

Even if we do the figurative sculpture route....the law states that if it looks like it might appeal to a kid it needs to be tested.

I guess my dolls will just have to have giant vaginas and pierced nipples.

Anonymous said...


well, you *were* saying you wanted to start doing something edgier!
(again, not to make light of the situation)

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that's not what I meant to post!
It won't let me post the html, so if you click over to my blog, there's a button there about the whole deal.