Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Works in Progress--Photos for Book in progress

I started a book sometime ago on how to create a half doll like my blue and green creation Nerina.

Well, I've gotten the sections on how to make a metal armature for a half doll done.

Yesterday I worked on photos on how to cover the armature with yarn and batting. I am getting the hang of photographing as I go. I found it kind of frustrating at first. Today I'm working on pictures of sewing the first layer of fabric to the batted armature.

Yes, all these are random photos....I'm not giving away this process for free ......:)

Eventually these steps will give you a doll that looks something like Nerina. I 'm enjoying this writing exercise, but I am still nervous my written directions will be difficult to follow.

But I'll never know if I can do this if I don't try. If everything goes well, I should be done soon.:)


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Laura this is wonderful and you must tell us when you will have this book out ...because I want to buy it! Congrats on this huge goal and wonderful project that you have going...CHeers!

Laura Bartlett said...

Thanks for the encouragement and I'll announce when it's ready to come out.