Thursday, September 13, 2007

Desert Sunsets-Living in a place that you love

I love the Mojave Desert. The bright sunlight, the hot sand,
the crazy Joshua trees, the onion fields, the crows and even the ravens make it an unusual place to live.

Driving around on a hot summer day, you can see old, abandoned, sunbleached buildings, a thousand rainbows when the onion fields are being watered and tiny chipmunk-like creatures racing everywhere. I 've even seen the occasional roadrunner and red tailed hawk.

I like the sunsets the best. These paintings done by my husband MJ shows a little bit of how big the sky seems out here and the decrepit abandoned buildings. I grew up in Ohio so sometimes I miss the trees, but with huge skies like these... I adjust.

Watching the clouds journey across the sky and seeing them leave huge shadows as they glide on the winds is one of the things that convinced me I had moved to an amazing place.


Michelle said...


Thanks so much for your post on my blog and also for your link to my blog. Off to add your blog to my link page :-)


Shell Mitchell said...

I love the desert. Your husband's paintings are great.

Jamie said...

I once lived in the Mojave. While it did hold its own beauty, I missed the green green grass (and trees) of home. I wasn't there for long, only about a year before I headed back to the southeast.

The paintings are beautiful!