Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Tv Shows, Maturity and 60's/70's Men

I never saw a lot of the "adult"shows when I was a kid. I has a steady diet of Gilligan, Bugs Bunny, Granny and Jethro Bodine. So anything of a more adult nature just went right over my head. I lived in blissful ignorance for years.

TV Land gave me quite a rude awakening when I watched Mary Tyler Moore for the first time since I was 10. When did Sue Anne Niven become a bitch who slept a round? In my little pre-teen mind, she was a nice lady who had a funny round bed .
Who knew? Everyone but me obviously. Now I find the show even funnier. It's interesting that the writers wanted to ground the show in what it was like to be female in the 70's, a lot of it is still relevant today.

Another show that seems strange to me now is Hogan's Heroes. The show itself has a weird premise, and knowing about Bob Crane's dark side and murder, it makes his womanizing on the show kind of creepy. But obviously that's an aspect I'm bringing to the show because I know a bit about the actor's personal history.

As I've gotten older, I've become more interested in shows with a lot of mystery and intrigue . I never saw Mission Impossible when I was a kid.
It probably went over my head and was on after my bedtime of 9:00pm. Well, my husband MJ saw MI as a kid and picked up the first season on DVD. Oh my, am I hooked! I loved the first season a lot. I love the second season too, but as much as I like Peter Graves, I really adored Steven Hill. In the first season, Steven Hill was the MI team leader and was a better actor than Peter Graves.

The stories from both seasons are good, but I have to admit the ones where they go after old Nazis tend to be my favorite. The one show that I really enjoyed and laughed at the most was called The Legend. The MI team goes to Argentina to stop Martin Bohrman from starting up the 4th Reich. At one point they find out that the Bohrman figure is just a dummy....oh my this prop is so bad even for 60's TV standards. I started referring to it as Charlie McNazi.
But overall, this has become a favorite show of mine now and I look forward to collecting the rest of the seasons.

One thing I have noticed though as I watch old tv and films is that I like how men looked in the 40's through the 70's much more than a lot of the younger male actors of today. As much as I may like...say Johnny Depp for his acting abilities he doesn't appeal to me as a male(I find most younger actors too feminine looking)..... not like Gregory Peck or Bogart or Alan Ladd or Robert Redford even. Maybe it's because I'm older?

Obviously, this has nothing to do with art or making dolls per say, but I listen/watch DVDs while I work and on occasion what I listen to does give me ideas. And when you work alone like I do the sound of a movie or a show is company.

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