Friday, August 31, 2007

Feline of the Day Princess Fluffy

Her Daintiness is one of the smallest of the four 2 week old babies we found in the backyard. She always looks perfect, plays with her siblings gently, uses sweet meow and feline wiles to get her way, and snores louder than a truck driver.

When we first took the 4 in, she was one of the sickest and I had to constantly ungum her eyes and wash her teeny face. I used to rub her back and she'd sneeze gunk everywhere. She'd sneeze and sneeze and flop over in my hands and let out this tiny sigh and fall fast asleep.

Now she can hold her own with the biggest of my grown cats. She just blinks those lovely peridot eyes and puts out a tiny paw and swings it with deadly accuracy. Max (one of my biggest Toms) now sports a nasty scratch over his right eye because he had the audacity to touch "Pinky Mouse" (a pink fabric mouse ... not a food item for hawks) while Her Daintiness was having her late afternoon romp.

Fluff usually finds the highest place to sit and look about her domain. Those eyes just seem to say, "Yes. This is all Mine." When she rubs your hand with her soft little head and holds a finger in between her paws, it's hard to disagree with her.


AlternateBliss Studio said...

I love recue stories! She looks a little like my tubs. One of my Tom Boys was a rescue. He was tossed out of an apartment window and came to me with his chin cut up from the fall. He was also sick in the belly. We didn't think he would make it. But he did! The best reward is when you look back at the condition they came to you in and you see them now with their silky, full coats playfully prancing around the house, (even if it is 2 a.m.) and most of all their bright loving eyes!

Laura Bartlett said...

I know what you mean. Fluffy and Kirby worried me to death. Now they are bouncy happy kittens.