Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Day of Mourning

This morning one of my older black cats had to be put to sleep.

Roswell was an unusual cat. He looked like a tiny spider when my husband, MJ, found him in a shopping cart at Walmart and brought him home.When he was 4 months old he survived a black widow bite, but he was never quite same afterward. Ros was a loner and made nice on his terms.

He was loved by one of my black and white females named Pixie. He had no clue what she wanted, but seemed to like to sit with her. Poor Pixie, she's searching the house for him now. I wish I could tell her what happened. He never liked to get his picture taken so I can't share how handsome he was with you.

Ros said "Hello" to me one morning and was able to steal the lids off full 2 liter bottles of soda with out using his teeth or spilling a drop of soda. He had mastered the house vortex and seemed to appear and disappear at will.

I will miss you Roswell and I'll do my best to comfort Pixie.

All my love.


...dotty... said...

So, so, so sorry to hear about Roswell, but I know that he and my Jacky are 'cattin' around the universe !

Oh, MAN, can we miss these guys?

Chris said...

I am so very sorry about Roswell! I know it's hard right now on you, your husband and Pixie, but it will get better... I promise. You'll always remember him and his quirky ways, and when you think of him, you'll smile. And he will always be shining in your heart to keep you warm on cold nights.

Chris (Ikow Designs)

Laura Bartlett said...

Dottie and Chris, Thank you so much for your kind words.

Pixie's feeling better too. She's eating regularly again and isn't calling for Roswell as much.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read about your black cat ~ I hope you'll remember him always. I too had a black cat when I was little and I will never forget how sweet she was. Thank you for sharing your story!

Susan (SuzyQJenn from Freethinkers)

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Roswell. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you made his life happy and full, and that's a wonderful thing to be able to do for anyone, human or animal. I do hope that your happy memories of him will help you.

Anonymous said...

you have my condolences. :(
I lost 3 cats in my life and I never really got over the pain.