Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Sleep in

Hey, Pink Monkey ! It's time to get up! We NEEED to eat Noooow!
I rarely sleep in. The cats are traditionalists and hate Any change in their schedule. Also MJ seems to think that if I'm asleep getting candid shots of me is a great idea.

Pixie's glare wasn't enough to get me moving this Sunday morning. Max's leap from the window sill onto my head was.

I really do love my cats, but it would be nice to sleep in once in a while.


Sandra Williams said...

OMG...your kitties are adorable!! We are a cat family too!!

ChatonDesigns said...

LOL...I thought four on the bed was a lot! What gorgeous cats...and I love how your on the very edge of the bed, happens to me too! Seems cats the world over love to hog their humans beds :)