Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Romantic Movies

I'm not usually into romantic movies, but I found a few on sale for Valentine's Day and decided ... why not!

An Affair to Remember was a lovely movie. The commentary track was brilliant. I love Cary Grant and Debra Carr is so pretty. Grant has this great charm in this film, but I think I like him in Hitchcock films best. Hitchcock seems to bring out this underlying viciousness in Grant that I find intriguing. I think Notorious is my Favorite Cary Grant movie.

Dirty Dancing is just a fun movie. I love to watch people dance and the movie does pretty good job of evoking an early 60's feel. Jerry Orbach is a great Dad. Patrick, well he's just too cute and Jennifer Grey's adorable too.

Ghost- I like this movie because the story is told from the point of view of the ghost. I like all of the characters in this movie a lot.

Funny Girl was amusing and I enjoyed it. Omar is gorgeous and I enjoyed Barbara's amusing performance. The color palate of the late 60's is so evident in the costuming and everything. But I like 60's colors, so I didn't find it a drawback.

Now I've never actually seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, but I love Audrey and Truman Capote. So I'm sure I'll probably enjoy myself. I'll probably dig out Sabrina too and have a little double feature.

I'll be gearing up for Thursday. I'm even going to make a heart shaped pizza. We'll probably watch a movie while eating... SciFi or horror something . Nothing says romance like The Crawling Eye or The Head.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I'm not much good at watching films: I can't sit still that long and I forget who's who. Enjoy!