Friday, December 19, 2008

Revised Plush Sale

I am discontinuing my plush animal sculptures.

I've started designing a new series of sculptures with a more adult/edgier feel

SO! If you've really wanted a plush Hexcat or a crazy monkey now is your chance to get 1 at 35% off. The items in my 25% off section in my shop will have an extra 10% off discount.

Oh and the rest of the items in my shop are 25% off. I'm continuing this sale until midnight on the 20th. If I decide to run this sale longer, I'll write another update and let you know. :)


machinarex said...

Oh, sure, go and have a sale when i don't have any money.

Looking forward to seeing what the new, edgier line is going to be!

Happy New Years!

Laura Bartlett said...

I do lay-a-way......

Have you been keeping up with the cspia fiasco?

You're going to have to make your rong rabbits even more adult oriented. have you checked the business forum on this legislation on etsy yet?

machinarex said...

Yup, I've been following it, and posting about it at several different spots!

I'll have to wait till I can start a lay-away...I'm *seriously* cash-deprived at the moment, between the holidays and being out of work for the past month the bank account has taken a major blow.

Laura Bartlett said...

I know how you feel...things have been tight for us too. I'm hoping things will pick up soon.

machinarex said...

Yeah, this is the brokest I've been in....well, probably since I was in my early twenties! Luckily, it's a passing thing, though the next month or two will be *quite* long.

Geez, I just realized I won't be able to buy comic books even.