Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bug and the Tales of Hoffman -Works in Progress Part 2

Bug's been coming along nicely over the past few days.
Her arms and hands were stubborn, but I finally got them into an attractive pose.

Actually, The film the Tales of Hoffman with it's lovely sets and ballet sequences and vivid use of colors, really helped me figure out a gesture that didn't look clunky.

You can see the Doll's story sequence here... And the Dragon fly ballet here.....

Shearer was such a great dancer.

So, Bug is nearly complete. She just needs her wings . If you think she 's lacking anything, please feel free to give me your input. I was going to bead her, but metallic fabric is so much more bug like and I like her smooth lines.


mamas*little*treasures said...

She is so feminine and delicate looking, but strong enough to soar to the heavens! Absolutely beautiful work ;o) I discovered you from the Etsy forum thread today . . . . .glad I found you!

Laura Bartlett said...

thank you for such a lovely compliment.