Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Works in Progress- BUG

While she may not have an original name at the moment, Bug is the first in a new series of insect women sculptures I've been working on over the past few weeks.

She started out as another half doll for the doll making book I'm writing.

But when my husband saw her finished head, he thought the face was very insect- like and
suggested I follow through on the idea.

The biggest problem was that
the doll's torso armature was
covered with yarn, batting
and fabric.
Adding legs meant that I would either have to tear apart what I had completed or build a separate leg armature that could support the torso in an upright position.

Since I felt that the doll up to that point was successful, I opted to construct a combined set of 4 legs with a center opening that the doll could be inserted into and secured in place at the waist. I used 14 gauge wire on this armature section instead of the lighter 16 and 22 gauge I used on the torso because I wanted the legs to be able to hold the weight of the torso and the embellishments I intended to use when the skinning of this figure was complete.

At this point, the arms and hands need to be completed, the wings need to be made and secured to Bug's back. I'm thinking that beading done on her torso and head would be the best final touches. My favorite final thing to do on a doll is it's hair, but in this case I probably should let Bug stay bald.....maybe a turban or some other head piece might work?


Curtis Collectables :) said...

Holy crap. That thing is amazing.

Cynjon said...

I may be a bit biased with my love of bugs...but I love her so far!
(and yup, I think bald is beautiful!)

Look forward to seeing her *has* been a while since I've added any new Laura pieces to my collection!

Laura Bartlett said...

Thank you, Dana.

Laura Bartlett said...

Cyn, Thank you. Well, I hope you like her as much when she's done and listed. :) I'm starting to get used to the idea of a bald doll.