Friday, June 12, 2009

Naming Baby Cat....

Yes, here's the new edition to my house of way too many kitties. She's 5-6 week old with seal point markings.

She's sleeping with her favorite towel. She's living in the pen right now cause my other cats need to get used to her. Also, she's so tiny I'm concerned she'll get into some spot in the house and I'll never find her again.

She has organized out of pen playtimes, so don't think she's in the pen 24/7.

If you have any ideas on names, I'd love to hear them.


jeri said...

Oh my gosh, she's ADORABLE!

Seal point markings? What about calling her "Sealy" (or Celie)? :) I also sorta like Penelope (Penny) as a name. But you'll probably figure out her name once you know her better!!

Welcome to the world, and to Chat's home, Little One!!!

--Jerise (co-etsy person)

Laura Bartlett said...

That's funny. We were thinking of Penny too.

tori said...

When I saw the kitten I thought it's coloring was just like a latte... or maybe a caramel macchiato ^^

Laura Bartlett said...

Latte's cute....good ideas:)

Camera Girl said...

Awh she looks like my boyfriends kitty, her name is Rosie:)