Thursday, June 4, 2009

And-Now For Something Completely Different- Works in Progress

I've been sculpting with fabric for yrs now, but my initial training was sculpting with traditional materials like clay and wax.

I had an odd dream the other night about these elemental cat women. You know Earth, Air, Water and Fire....I got up and did some sketches.

I had been reading this fabu book on the sculptures of women during the time of Akhenaten and decided sculpting them as tiny bas-relief sculptures. The pieces are around 2 inches in diameter.

I'm going to make molds on the sculptures and produce them in limited editions. They should make nice pendants.

I was thinking of faux finishing them so they look like things like yellow jasper or faince (turquoise colored) beads.

I need to smooth the surface of earth cat a bit more before I have a mold put on it and the water cat is still rough, but I think they're going to be quite nice when they're finished.


Robert W. Leonard said...

Those are neat looking, and dream-inspired? Very cool. :)

Laura Bartlett said...

THank you. Yes, many of my dolls etc have been dream inspired.