Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cat Elementals- Air and Fire- Works in Progress

These 2 pieces have been problematic. First, I like to do winged figures that incorporate the wings into the arms. Making this apparent in so small a sculpt has been challenging.

So far, I've succeeded with wings on the Fire cat, but her tiny horns are going to have to be built up in the back so they can be molded more easily. I also need to incorporate the fingers into the edge of the wing.

The Air cat's feather wings need more work to delineate them from the background and fingers too. Both pieces need some serious smoothing.

I'm a bit concerned about the "good"- "evil" connotations some buyers might see in these 2 pieces, but trying to sculpt a 2 inch cat made of flames or a tiny cloud cat and make the flames and clouds identifiable seems ridiculous to me.

I know what I'm sculpting and why, so I'll just have to let it go. I can't be responsible for what ideas other people bring with them when they view my work.

I'm excited because I'm going to shop for paint this weekend. I'm anxious to see these pieces painted.

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