Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Ode to Cats- In My Life and in Art

I love you my darling cats. Jackie, even when you jump off the
plant shelf and land with a huge bang on MJ's drawing table.... I may jump 10 feet, but I still love you.

Or when you have a wild game of "run and tumble" with your siblings at 2 am, I'm usually up sewing anyway.

Even little Kirby's turning into a vampire that one night wasn't that bad. He was abandoned at such a young age I guess the suckling thing is to be expected.

But sometimes I like my cats to be artwork. It's nice to look at a painting or sculpture of a cat. No biting or scratching or craziness. Just beautiful cats.

the etsy shop run by Cheryl Ellicott shows cats in all their regal beauty. I am so in love with Devon Rex Prince M. I love to look at this beautiful

But sometimes the joy of having
a cat is witnessing it's occasional zaniness. Papermoongallery's cats are so charming. I love the giant eyes and teeny legs these sculpts have. Sophisticated Kitty Cat is quite the charmer.

Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady and I do love my cats.


ambika said...

Aw, love this post. And all of the great cat items I've found on Etsy.

Pepper said...

Cat people are cool people! Have you seen the cats on my Other People web page?
I love drawing and painting cats, especially as people.

I'm especially fond of puns as my string quartet of longhair cats shows. Also, who has more attitude than a flamenco dancer or a cat? A flamenco dancer who's a cat, let alone 3 of them!

Cats rule!!